Chris Morell – Editor, Writer, Overlord

I’ve been writing about games for various outlets since 2009, but developing my own site has been an ambition from the beginning. Power Nerd is the very site I had envisioned, where professionalism meets creative freedom and writers are free to pick and choose their own projects, ensuring that every word has been crafted with meaning and passion.

My knowledge of gaming stretches right back to the NES and Sega Master System. I imported Pokemon Red and Blue to be among the first to play them, attended the midnight launch event of Banjo-Kazooie, and immersed myself in just about all things nerd from an early age.

It’s my belief that games have never been as great as they are today, and while some kinks do have yet to be ironed out (respawning enemy waves, anyone?), it’s the most exciting time to be involved with the medium. Thanks for joining us at Power Nerd… may you enjoy reading it as much as we do working on it.

Favourite Five: Assassin’s Creed 2, Tomb Raider 2013, Ocarina of Time, Devil May Cry, Mass Effect 3.


Stephen Shore – Writer, Resident Nerd

I love games. I love how they make you feel and react to situations, how they cause controversy like no other medium. They allow someone to become emotionally involved in a character or story, much more than a film or book, because they get the impression that they are going on their own journey, or possibly following a specific narrative told by someone else. Games have endless possibilities and this next generation of consoles look to improve on this.

Since my first bought console, the PS1, I have loved the way that games have evolved, how graphics have improved and the time came when I simply had to talk about them. I had to tell people about how much I may have “hated a game and wasted my money!!!”, or “holy ****” that was amazing.”

Follow us at Power Nerd. We have great content going up frequently, and please let us know how much you love (or hate if you are so inclined, internet) our articles and findings about all the goings on in the world of video games.

Favourite Five: Bioshock, Gran Turismo, Mass Effect, Uncharted 2, GTA 3.


Sian Richter – Writer, Derby Girl, TV and Film Nerd

I’m a fully-fledged film nerd brought up on the likes of John Waters, Russ Meyer, Drag Queens and a collection of horror movies that ensured I was never going to be normal. I’ve worked at a London horror festival in the past and can be described as one of those ‘I’ve seen it / I know an awesome fact about…’ people.

From an early age I was watching musicals every Sunday, normally followed by an action film. I love a cult classic and a B-movie, but I have a wide and strange taste in film. I love cinema, and there’s something about being taken out of reality and entertained (or horrified) that can spark some fantastic debates and reactions. My reviews will be a mix of old and new, all genres and probably a rant or two.

When I’m not watching and reviewing films, I’m skating around and bashing my fellow London Rockin’ Rollers while playing Roller Derby.

Favourite Five (Subject to change daily): Evil Dead (Original!), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Showgirls, True Romance and From Dusk Til Dawn.


Amanda Panish – Writer, Disney Princess and Fantasy Nerd

I’ve always loved a great animated film or series, having been a big fan of Disney since before I can even remember. I can rant for ages about why Avatar: The Last Airbender is the best show on earth and why Korra as a character sucks, and why no one should watch the live-action movie ever. I can quote Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings with surprising accuracy, and have read through The Silmarillion for that little extra nerdiness.

I’m happy to write about the occasional video game, though I’m not quite an expert on the subject like the guys above. Just don’t try to beat me in a round of fantasy trivia as you really won’t come out the winner! Enjoy my thoughts on Power Nerd, I’ll try to put them in some kind of order so they make sense when you read them.

Favourite Five: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars, The Princess Bride.