Resogun Review

Arcade spills and particle thrills.

Review by Stephen Shore.

If you’ve never played any of the Super Stardust games before, you might be hesitant to give the PlayStation 4 shooter, Resogun a shot. After playing for a while however, it should win you over with its flashy graphics and addictive gameplay.

The game has a very simple premise, “save all the humans”, where you take on the role of a spaceship attempting to rescue human beings from the incoming alien invasion. It’s a joyous experience and a great centrepiece to show just what the PS4 can do. It’s also immensely colourful and smooth, running at a constant 1080p and 60 frames per second. It really is a beautiful next-gen arcade shooter.

A much more evolved version of its spiritual predecessors, Defender and Space Invaders, Resogun has a plentiful amount of enemies to keep you occupied and on the edge of your seat. Sometimes swarming at you in their hundreds, opposing ships vary in size, shape and firepower. Freeing humans and transporting them to an escape pod will net you upgrades, making it even more satisfying as you continue to lay waste to approaching enemies.

To help in the destruction are some power ups acquired through multiplier bonuses. Bombs; which can be used in last gasp situations destroy everything around the ship when things get too much. Overdrive is a laser beam that fires out like lightning, really putting the frame rate to the test. The player also has the ability to hurl humans into the escape pod, saving precious seconds in the process. These gameplay features help the player to manage the chaos of increasing the multiplier.

As a level progresses (there are five in total, at four difficulties), the multiplier increases every time an enemy is killed, so you might end up flying around the map trying to find an enemy to kill before the multiplier dissipates. It’s fast, furious and ludicrous fun. Although the game itself is rather short, the addictiveness and desire to keep going back to get a better score and more trophies is intoxicating. An addicted gamer could lose their mind when a precious multiplier slips through their fingers.

Resogun is a great launch title for the PS4. It’s short, sweet and totally FREE with PlayStation Plus, making it the definition of a bargain. To say that it’s the best launch exclusive for Sony isn’t an insult to other titles, it’s just that Housemarque really hit the nail on the head by providing early adopters a visual showcase to display the power of their newest system.



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