Sian Richter takes on the MurderDrome and lives to write about it.

To you readers on the site I’m Sian the reviewer, but in my spare time I’m Sasha Grazed a member of The London Rockin’ Rollers Wreck League. So to be given a copy of MurderDrome I lucked out. Roller Derby and Horror? What more could I want?

MurderDrome is about one of the jammers on the local derby team, Cherry Skye, who is given a pendant as a gift that accidentally unleashes a killer demon from hell, now Cherry Skye and her teammates must now save their souls. From the first shot you know you’re going to have fun with this one, the crazy costumes/boutfits, the way the music works perfectly with the hits, as our films leads dart around the rink and the camera follows them, you know you are set for a crazy ride.

Firstly let me just say these aren’t actresses, these are Derby Girls, but what they may lack in acting they make up with real skating (finally real skaters depicting Derby Girls on screen!) and a clear passion for the script. Secondly, this film is clearly made by someone who loves the sport or has been involved, so they know the best angles to shoot the action and catch those hits. You can tell it had a smaller budget than the normal mainstream films but it adds to that great exploitation grindhouse movie feel. And yeah its a little rough around the edges but its fun, when was the last time you can say the film you just watched was great fun?


Psych played by Louise Monnington (who also had a hand in helping with script) is my favourite character, I can see so many of my Roller Derby friends in her and she add that great Aussie humor to the film. Amber Sajben plays Cherry Skye, has a lot of the film on her shoulders and does a good job playing one of the teams star jammers, torn between the new guy in her life and saving the souls of her friends. The supporting cast is made up of real Derby Girls who are enjoying bringing real life to their characters and are clearly having fun. And fair play – they wear their skates for pretty much the whole film!

You don’t have to be a derby fan or know the rules to enjoy this one; it has a good storyline, gore, comedic moments and hot girls – what more could you want? Grab a beer, grab some mates and get yourself a copy of this film.